GardenStation Intro

This project is simple ATMega based plant watering system.    This automatically monitors the soil and water when necessary.

The current prototype is built on a through hole PCB (made at seed studio).  There was a couple of issues withe the prototype build.   The 74HC595 shift register was wired slight wrong and the display interface had a couple of issues.   These have been fixed in the SMD version (I will go and fix up the through whole version).

The moisture sensor uses a couple of nails and the water valve are made from an off the shelf hobby servo and a manual valve.  There is also provision for a temperature sensor and using the ICSP and a couple exposed pins it should be possible to add a simple SSD card for logging or ethernet module for networking.

I will post a more complete description in the next couple of days. The circuit,PCB and code is available on github –

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