Quick Update

This is a quick update as the blog hasn’t been updated in a while.   I’ve been traveling so haven’t had a lot of time to post.   The arcade machine is finished bar the marque at the top of the cabinet and I will try an post some photos next week. I’ve made some minor changes to the Garden Station in order to add a power light and fix a few minor issues in time for the Australian spring/summer!  I order new PCBs from http://www.elecrow.com which I received last week however I’m currently in the US so won’t be able to assemble until next week. Finally I designed a small board to provide AVR with Ethernet and an H-bridge to use in a ROV project I’ve started to build.   The board parts have all been received and are waiting for me when I return home next week.   The design is on github – https://github.com/markpudd/rov_control.   I’ll probably hand solder the first one but I’m thinking of making reflow oven for future projects.