I have received the latest revisions of a few boards I recently ordered.  I assembled the the newest Gardenstation board and there was an issue with shift registers (MR was being held low).   Some board hacks got it working and I’ve fixed the Eagle file and switched the display header pins around (will update in github shortly).

I’ve assembled on ROV control board although at present I’m not able to burn the bootloader on the AVR.   I suspect there is some issues with the soldering of the ENC ethernet controller.   Elecrow removed the solder mask between the ENC chip pins which made it extremely hard to hand solder.

I’ve embarked upon a reflow oven project (based on a Kmart $35 toaster oven).   I had a quick test at the weekend and managed to successfully reflow some parts to a test board.   The thermocouple I’m using has been slow to respond (my voltmeter one is much quicker) so it got a bit too hot.   The Arduino control code is available here

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