Ethernet motor control board

I’ve got a prototype motor control board up and running.   The board has 4 motor channels and is based on the ATMega and ENC28J60 Ethernet controller.  It has 2 through hole mounted H-bridges to control the motors.   The schematics are available on github and some example code will be there shortly.

I’ve done some testing on channel one and it seems to be all working correctly.   I’ve built a simple test UDP server using the Arduino libraries and this is all working correctly so far.   The only issue is that the original design did not use the PWM pins for the enable lines so there will need to be some bit banging for speed control.   I intend to update the design in the future to enable this.

A few pictures:-

Motor controller assembled

Motor controller assembled

Testing the motor controller

Testing the motor controller

These will eventually make it into the underwater ROV.   The idea was to control over ethernet and send video back over ethernet using a cheap IP camera.

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